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A residential solar installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is our mission to enlighten others about their energy consumption, and bill! Here are some questions we frequently get about Solar:

  • Can I afford to go Solar?
    Great NEWS! YES! If you can afford to pay your electric bill, you can afford to go solar! With the different incentives and programs available right now, there are many solar options for $0 - down!
  • How long will my solar system last?
    In general, solar panels are very durable, and can even out live the roof! With the new technology that is being put in place most panels will last 35+ years! While also being able to produce the energy you and your home will need.
  • How do I save money going solar?
    When you go solar you get to provide energy for your own home. Which means you will no longer need to have energy provided to you from your local energy company. On average homeowner are able to save 20% - 50% from what they are used to paying for electricity because with solar you'll be put in a locked in rate with no inflation, in comparison to energy company's which go up by 4-6% annually.
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